Felipe Ortiz

Picnic Impro @ Bogota, Colombia

Felipe Ortiz is an improviser, director, clown, and circus performer. He is a founding member of La Gata Cirko and Picnic, and has been working on both improvisational theater and the exploration of new circus formats since 1995. He has codirected all of La Gata’s improv shows, and performed/taught improvisation, clowning, and acrobatics in various countries around the world.

Felipe has also been one of the directors of PICNIC IMPRO and the organizer of The International Improv Festival in Bogota since 2011. This group has put on several successful improvisational shows, including “lugares” and “SPEECHLESS”, the latter having been developed and performed in Wurzburg, Bogota, and Sao Paulo in cooperation with the Canadian DJ Mama Cutsworth.

Since 2002, Felipe has been touring in North and South America, Europe, and Australia, while teaching and performing at various international festivals and events. Contemporary dance, contact dance, capoeira, circus, acrobatic techniques, improvisation, acting, and clowning are all a part of what makes up his diverse background as an artist.