Olivier Schalbroeck

Feekit @ Antwerp, Belgium

Olivier Schalbroeck started playing improv in 2000 with the Belgian Improv League where he learned the tips and tricks of short form improvisation. Not long after that, he discovered long form and it was love at first sight. He participated in different improv festivals in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Canada and Germany (which has been a frequent destination for Olivier).

After participating in the 2006 Improv World Championship, the German Impro Open in Hamburg, the Impro-Feel-Festival in Lübeck, and the Bremerhaven Impro-festival, Olivier is really looking forward to meeting the German audience again! And in preparation, he has been listening to his Matthias Reim collection: “Impro… Verdammt, ich lieb dich!!”