Patti Stiles

Impro Melbourne @ Melbourne, Australia

Patti Stiles is whirl of energy and positivity and a direct link to Keith Johnstone himself. She served her apprenticeship with Keith Johnstone at the world-renowned Loose Moose Theatre before spending over twenty-five years interpreting and extending what she learnt there. Over time, she has become a legendary teacher for her fine-tuned skills, strong narratives, and elegant style, making her into one of the most renowned impro-teachers and performers worldwide. She is an actor, improviser, director, instructor, and playwright.

Patti is the Artistic Director of two improvisational theater companies in Canada and is also the former Artistic Director of Impro Melbourne, where she still performs and teaches regularly. Patti Stiles has worked all over the world, in countries including Canada, the US, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, France, Belgium, New Zealand, Thailand, and Australia.