A Perfect Start to the Festival Week!


Last night’s Improslam Spezial acted as the kick off for the Törn Festival, and it could not have been more exciting! Upon entering the lobby of the Imperial, there was an undeniable buzz of positive energy in the air. The theater slowly became completely packed, and the audience was leaning forward in their seats with excitement.

The setup of the Improslam Spezial reflected that of a reality competition show. The improv ensemble was there to compete for the prize of a playing a scene with Thorsten Brand, Törn’s resident Grandmaster of Improv.

Throughout the night, each contestant was at the top of their game – dazzling the audience with musical scenes, awkward sauna situations, pregnancies, imperial beheadings, and tear-jerking songs of fatherhood.



Image by Klaus Friese

But after many laughs (and a few tears), the eliminations started to take place. With the help of the audience, the “applauseometer”, and a classy score girl, the ensemble became smaller and smaller throughout the course of the night… until Pippa (contestant #2) was the last one remaining.

Her final challenge was to take on an improv scene with the Grandmaster Thorsten Brand. And after giving a Munich local a tour of Hamburg in her best German accent, Pippa took home the championship, winning it all!



Image by Klaus Friese

Nevertheless, the contestants’ scores were always close and the eliminations weren’t easy. Moaning and sadness often drifted through the audience when favorite players left the stage. But this just goes to show that the Törn Festival’s ensemble of improvisers is the best of the best …. and they are just getting started.