Take It to the Bridge – Hamburg’s First Epic Space Musical


Last night, the Törn ensemble returned to the stage at the Fabrik in Ottensen, but nobody was truly prepared for the epic and sexy space musical that was about to unfold before their eyes.

Before the musical began, the actors asked the audience where they would like the musical to take place, and the top three suggestions came down to “an epic bridge”, “an airport”, or “a space station”. Naturally, based on a round of applause, the musical was set to take place in space (which ended up having an ongoing theme of epic bridges anyway!).

With the help of amazing improvised music from the band, the first half of the musical was filled with song and dance, taking the audience on a journey through what life could be like on a spaceship. From the upbeat canteen song about powdered food to the boredom of everyday life in space, every plot point unfolded as a fully improvised musical number.



Image by Klaus Friese


With the help of suggestions from the audience, each part of the musical was built in a collaborative fashion – from the details of the set, to the personalities of each character. The audience’s favorite seemed to be P117 – the paranoid and sexy robot from Russia. He may not have been able to feel emotions, but he sure was able to feel a whole lot of “ding ding”. Another audience favorite was the epic pink alien who snores a lot, smells bad, and licks everyone he sees.



Image by Klaus Friese


The second half of the musical was filled with many unexpected surprises, such as a family reunion (in space of course), a tiny castle, homesickness, and big emotional themes revolving around love, belonging, and building bridges. Let’s just say that at the end of the musical, not everyone decided to return to earth.

The cast of Take it to the Bridge left the audience with an overload of laughs, smiles, and unforgettable moments in this one-time musical that will never be able to be seen again.