TV Recycled – A Blast from the Past


Yesterday’s special late night performance in the Monsun Theater had the audience laughing with tears from the Törn ensemble’s hilariously recycled version of the 1970s hit TV series, Dallas.

TV Recycled gives new life to old television episodes by assigning each actor to a character from the TV show. The ensemble knew nothing about the TV show, storyline, or their character beforehand, and everything was a surprise to both them and the audience. After having a few seconds to review a short summary of their respective characters, the ensemble took their seats and began to take over the voices (and sound effects) of the show. All dubbing was then done spontaneously throughout the course of the episode.



Image by Klaus Friese

Although the original intended story of this episode remains a mystery, this lucky audience got to experience a brand-new ‘recycled’ plotline involving right wing/left wing politics, illiteracy, gambling for ponies, and an unhealthy addiction to coffee. I think it’s safe to say that the Törn ensemble’s version of the story was probably a bit more exciting than the original!



Image by Klaus Friese

The talent that was presented during TV Recycled was surprising and admirable. The teamwork, quick wits, and extremely focused attention span of the actors were all key elements in the coming together of this recycled TV show. By the end of the night, the audience was left with happy memories, sore smiles, and a whole new perspective of old school television.