Nadine Antler

Steife Brise @ Hamburg, Germany

Nadine Antler has been involved with improvisation since 1998. She co-founded, and was the Artistic Director of the improvisation ensemble „Der Kaktus“ in Wuerzburg, Germany. She now mainly works with the company „Steife Brise“ in Hamburg. Through her improvisation career she has been involved in the development of many longforms and show-formats.
Nadine has taught many workshops for actors, improvisers, social workers, teachers, students and business people. She has been a guest lecturer on improvisation and theatre pedagogics at the University of Wuerzburg. Nowadays she has a strong focus on corporate trainings with the Steife Brise in Hamburg as well as training improvisers and improvisation ensembles around the world.

One emphasis in her teaching was her work with children and teenagers, which she was awarded the “Sparda Future Prize for development of youth” in 2008. In 2002 Nadine began to set up the annual Wuerzburgean Impro-Theatre-Festival, which is the biggest improvisation festival of its kind in Europe. For her work with the festival she was awarded with the the “Prize for young culture of the City of Wuerzburg” in 2008.

Nadine has performed and taught at festivals in South and North America as well as Australia and Africa and regularily performs at various improvisation festivals around Europe.