Wiebke Wimmer

Steife Brise @ Hamburg, Germany

Wiebke fell for improvisational theatre during her Studies of Literature. She is a member of Steife Brise since 2000. She has studied with Shawn Kinley, Tim Orr, Doug Nunn, Lee White, Felipe Ortiz, Daniel Orrantia, Marko Mayerl, Pippa Evans and Antonio Vulpio and many more. As a trainer she is in charge of and coordinates the Steife Brise Theatre School. As a performer she impresses with her presence, her voice and with her nordic humour. Together with Verena Lohner she created the improvised zombie-format: SHOW OF THE DEAD, which has been a show-stopper on festivals in W├╝rzburg, Helsinki, Gothenburg and Amsterdam. Wiebke’s emphasis lies in musical improvisation. For example she has developed the lyrics as well as the storyline for the Steife Brise-musical show: “Zu Dir oder zu Dir”. And so Wiebke is always looking for the groove in improvisation – no matter if as a singer, a drummer or a percussionist.