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Knut Kalbertodt (Hamburg, DE)

Knut Kalbertodt is a qualified sports coach who has specialized in game didactics. He is currently interested in interdisciplinary theatre work and applied improvisation.
Knut started acting in the off-theatre scene of the Ruhr area in 1984. He was engaged at various theatres in West and North Germany starting in the mid-1990s. Also at this time, he attended a two-week improvisation course with Keith Johnstone in Berlin rather by chance. Since that time he has been infected by this form of theatrical improvisation.
After several theatre stops (e.g. Boheme & Bohei), he finally arrived at Steife Brise in Hamburg in 2002. There he worked as an actor and format developer before taking over the direction of the theatre’s public performances. Since 2015 he studied Pochinko Clown Training and related forms at the MCCP in Canada with John Turner, Mike Kennard, Fiona Griffiths, Grindl Kuchirka.
In between he participates in Iron Man triathlons.
He will be the teacher of the workshop „Wie wollen wir leben?“.


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