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Nikolai Pawlas (Hamburg, DE)

Nikolai Pawlas is the founder and head coach of School of Movement.

Curiosity for the different ways people move has always been an important focus in his life. His main focus has been the joy of discovery and learning. For many years he has taught people of different backgrounds, ages and skill levels his approaches to the great subject of movement. Of particular interest to him here was the level of personal development. Thus, they used movement as a playing field, so to speak, to challenge themselves and to get to know themselves better through their experiences.

It was a matter close to his heart that physical activity should not be regarded merely as a duty, but as a positive pillar in life that cannot be done without. Nikolai Pawlas wanted to get the fire for movement burning again!

In his own movement practice, he engaged in various projects that changed from time to time. His focus was currently on acrobatics, parkour and the Internal Martial Art discipline Daxuan.