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Verena Lohner (Hamburg, DE)

Verena Lohner is fascinated and convinced by parallel worlds and microcosms – whether they are visible or hidden. This fascination also stands out in her career: studies and work in theatre and research lab, in the museum and in the boxing ring, in Dax companies and in the hotspot neighborhood, in handicraft workshops and on glaciers, in cities, the Clown Farm MCCP and in the wilderness around the world.

She passionately combines her resources as an actor, clown and coach, developing plays, formats and methods based on the idea that we question rather than always be in bondage. In the Finnish practice book „The Art of making Mistakes“ she writes about the creative power of making mistakes. In the international Arts-based research-book „Beyond Text“ she presents „Clownclusion“, a form of forum and mirror theatre. In Hamburg, she trains for ultramarathons on the Elbe and is a managing partner of Steife Brise.
She will be the teacher of the workshop „Wie wollen wir leben?“.


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