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Movement (BOOKED OUT)

Fri. 22. March 2024
10:00 Uhr
in English

Dive into the fascinating world of your body!

With targeted exercises, you will learn to know your body much better and to expand your movement vocabulary. Through playful partner games and body puzzles, you will explore the subtle facets of your body. You will learn to perceive your body in a better way and use it more consciously.

The body puzzles will challenge and inspire you to explore new movement possibilities. In a supportive environment, you will creatively unfold and strengthen your self-confidence in physical expression.

This workshop offers you the opportunity to connect with your body, appreciate it, and improvise in harmony with it. We create an atmosphere of exchange and mindfulness, where you can expand your body awareness in a playful and vibrant way. Together, we will uncover the potential of our bodies and find new ways to express ourselves through movement.
No prior experience is required – whether you already have experience with bodywork or are just embarking on this journey, this workshop is open to anyone who wants to develop more body awareness.



Nikolai Pawlas (Hamburg, DE)


Level: all Levels


It is a half-day-workshop:
On Friday: 10.00 am – 12.30 pm


Fee: 50,- Euro (tax included)