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We are in the process of organizing a live festival
We are full of excitement to make it happen
Three workshops are already set up
Our Festival-Theme is "How do we want to live??


TÖRN-Festival is organized by TÖRN e.V. – an non-profit association – and Steife Brise – Hamburgs strongest improvisational theatre.

The festival-team consists of a small group of people, who make TÖRN happen because they are passionate about good improvisation.

We are proud to have an amazing team of three main organizers and 20 volunteers who are doing everything to give our guests an amazing time and create a memorable festival.

Our artistic director

Nadine Antler is in charge of the artistic direction of the next edition of TÖRN.

Our director

As the first chairwoman of TÖRN e.V., Viviane Eggers is responsible for the organization and implementation of the festival.

Our director

Verena Klimm forms the Hamburg base of the organizing team. She keeps in touch with the stages where the festival shows and workshops take place. She also helps with the workshop applications. Furthermore she is ready to assist with everything which has to be organized or needs to be done.

How do we want to live?

The theme for our next festival is the question “How do we want to live?”, because we strive to shape the future with our immediate artform.

We have excited our audience with our shows since the first festival

Great shows!
Fridays Double feature was amazing. I liked the first act a lot, but the 2nd act "A special occasion" was exactly that: a talented bunch of improvisers showing 1st rate improv. Amazing! .
"Close to you" was the best show I have seen!
i enjoyed seeing great actors on the stage.
Le Roundabout was amazing! Close to you was also so much fun to watch and to see how the titles were played. Afterwords is a great format with extraordinary Players.
"Close to you" was one of the best impro shows I've ever seen.
School Of Impro Rock: Fantastic and Powerful. Forever Never Always There: Very touching, great place, something very special. De Tales: Very Sweet and nice to watch.
A great variety of shows!
I loved it.
Thank you for an awesome festival.
Great variety of improv.