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We will have to move our festival shows to 2022
Workshop Trixie
We will set up a small Online-Festival instead
Workshops with teachers from around the world!
Our Festival-Theme is "How do we want to live??


We are thrilled to invite you to Hamburg’s “TÖRN International Improtheater Festival”, a four-day event filled with improvisational theatre. Due to Covid 19 we have decided to move our festival – espacially our show-program – from March 2021 to  March 2022, to be specific: to the 24th till 27th of March, 2022.

In the meantime...

We are planning a small online-festival with workshops only in March 2021 to keep you playing, connecting, improvising. We hope to see you there.


With our Show-Program we want to show the variety that improvised theatre has to offer. There will be shows in both German and English, providing a chance for everyone to further explore the incredible art form of improvisational theatre.

Don’t miss out on the chance to see the exciting impro-formats of
international stars and the local Hamburg improvisation scene come together on the German stages.

All shows will be inspired by the festival-theme „How do we want to live?“

We have excited our audience with our shows since the first festival

Great shows!
Fridays Double feature was amazing. I liked the first act a lot, but the 2nd act "A special occasion" was exactly that: a talented bunch of improvisers showing 1st rate improv. Amazing! .
"Close to you" was the best show I have seen!
i enjoyed seeing great actors on the stage.
Le Roundabout was amazing! Close to you was also so much fun to watch and to see how the titles were played. Afterwords is a great format with extraordinary Players.
"Close to you" was one of the best impro shows I've ever seen.
School Of Impro Rock: Fantastic and Powerful. Forever Never Always There: Very touching, great place, something very special. De Tales: Very Sweet and nice to watch.
A great variety of shows!
I loved it.
Thank you for an awesome festival.
Great variety of improv.