TÖRN presents a monthly Maestro™: The TÖRN Cup
29. März 2019 23-17-28 DSC_0675
Come and watch our TÖRN Cup with improvisers from Hamburg and guests from all over Germany
There is also a free workshop before each show

TÖRN Cup -
The Hamburg Maestro™

A competition to win the hearts of the audience: TÖRN Cup – The Hamburg Maestro™. Performers from different backgrounds and a wide range of experience levels compete against each other to get the highest score and become the Maestro of the night.

The special feature:
Immediately before the show, there will be a free improvisation workshop that people can sign up for in advance.

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are: everyone is welcome! Since the number of participants is limited, we ask you to register in advance at the following e-mail address:

maestro @

important: The registration for the workshop is not a guarantee to participate or to be allowed to participate in the Maestro! 

Some of the workshop participants have the chance to try out what they have learned on stage directly afterwards and perform at the TÖRN Cup. This depends on the number of slots left for the Maestro and the decision of the director of the evening. 

The TÖRN Cup – the Hamburg Maestro™ takes place every third Friday of the month.

If you want to make sure not to miss the TÖRN Cup:

We have excited our audience with our shows since the first festival

Great shows!
Fridays Double feature was amazing. I liked the first act a lot, but the 2nd act "A special occasion" was exactly that: a talented bunch of improvisers showing 1st rate improv. Amazing! .
"Close to you" was the best show I have seen!
i enjoyed seeing great actors on the stage.
Le Roundabout was amazing! Close to you was also so much fun to watch and to see how the titles were played. Afterwords is a great format with extraordinary Players.
"Close to you" was one of the best impro shows I've ever seen.
School Of Impro Rock: Fantastic and Powerful. Forever Never Always There: Very touching, great place, something very special. De Tales: Very Sweet and nice to watch.
A great variety of shows!
I loved it.
Thank you for an awesome festival.
Great variety of improv.