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We are looking back to five inspiring Festival-Workshops 2022
We present a free improvisation workshop every first Thursday of the month
as part of our TÖRN Cup
Start of the TÖRN Cup is already on the 9th of June 2022


An international workshop program during TÖRN-festival 2022 provided a valuable opportunity to dive deeper into your understanding of improvised theatre. Experienced and well-known collegues from around Europe shared their skills and knowledge with collegues in live workshops.

The theme for the TÖRN-Festival 2022 was “How do we want to live?” All workshops explored aspects of that topic.

Until the next TÖRN-festival will take place, we provide a monthly free workshop for all experience levels as part of the tÖRN Cup. You can find more information about this here.


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This is our level-system:

We want to create circumstances for the best possible learning experience for all participants of the festival. That’s why we ask you to pick a workshop according to your level of experience.

If you are unsure, please contact us!

Level 1

You have at least basic knowledge in improvisation. You have taken a coupe of classes and been on stage.

Level 2

You have done improvisation for at least 3 years and have been performing on stage regularily.

Level 3

You have done improvisation at least for 6 years and have been performing on stage regularily.


I perform regularily on stage, rehearse on a regular base with a fixed ensemble and I have a professional approach to improvisation.

Very secure environment. Enough time. Great way of directing and feedbacking. Passionate about the topic.
Festival participant 2019
Sehr geborgene Atmosphäre. Äußerst hilfreiche Hinweise und Tipps in hoher Dichte in der vorgegebenen Zeit. Kleine Impulse aus der Gruppe wurden wahrgenommen und genutzt Verspielt und seriös in den passenden Situationen. DANKE.
Festival participant 2019
Close to you Workshop
One of the best workshops ever! Thank you for creating a space where it was easy to get to know the other players and perform with them such intimate scenes. You brought out the best in us and it was truly a joy to try the various scenes.
Festival-participant 2019
Sehr gut organisiert, alles lief reibungslos, tolle Stimmung, tolle Workshop-Angebote und Workshop-Orte.
Festival-participant 2019
Great festival, I felt comfortable all the time.
Festival-particpant 2019
I really liked the humble attitude and the feeling of being welcomed. The organization was amazing overall.
Festival particpant 2017
I took the masterclass and it was very well put together teacher-wise. It seemed like there has been a lot of thought put into this and I soo appreciate that!
Festival-particpant 2017
What participant s say about the workshops