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21st TÖRN Cup – Der Hamburger Maestro™

Fri. 06. December 2024
20:00 Uhr
10,-/12,- €

In the TÖRN Cup, your favorite players from Hamburg as well as improv newcomers and guests from all over Germany will compete in a hot, emotionally charged competition. There they will be randomly thrown together in different combinations and have to prove themselves in a gripping thriller, a love ballad or an improvised horror film. Will the players of the evening play their hearts out or play their hearts out?

It is up to the audience to decide who has done the best. And this decision is not always the easiest, because only one*r can qualify at the end of the evening for the championship title and take home fame and honor, but especially the coveted 5-euro bill.

The special: Immediately before the show, there will be a free impro workshop, for which you can register in advance. With a bit of luck, participants will have the chance to try out what they have learned on stage directly afterwards and perform at the TÖRN Cup. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, everyone is welcome! Since the number of participants is limited, it is advisable to register in advance at! The workshop will take place from 5-7pm at the Motte.


Rothestrasse 48, 22765 Hamburg

Friday, 06.12.2024
Start: 20.00

Normal price: 10 Euro

Cultural support: 12 Euro


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