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We are looking forward to our wonderful shows during our TÖRN-Festival!
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The motto of the festival is "Let the body talk!"
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Our newest project: we present the monthly TÖRN Cup

FEstival Shows

With our 2024 show program, we want to show the diversity of improvisational theater and also grow beyond our original performance boundaries! 

As part of the TÖRN Festival 2024, there will be shows in German, English and without language! Our focus this time will be on body language.

All shows are inspired by the festival theme “Let your body talk”.


“People may not remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel”

― Maya Angelou


Until the next TÖRN festival will take place, we are happy to present the monthly TÖRN Cup

If you want to make sure not to miss the show program:

We have excited our audience with our shows since the first festival

Great shows!
Fridays Double feature was amazing. I liked the first act a lot, but the 2nd act "A special occasion" was exactly that: a talented bunch of improvisers showing 1st rate improv. Amazing! .
"Close to you" was the best show I have seen!
i enjoyed seeing great actors on the stage.
Le Roundabout was amazing! Close to you was also so much fun to watch and to see how the titles were played. Afterwords is a great format with extraordinary Players.
"Close to you" was one of the best impro shows I've ever seen.
School Of Impro Rock: Fantastic and Powerful. Forever Never Always There: Very touching, great place, something very special. De Tales: Very Sweet and nice to watch.
A great variety of shows!
I loved it.
Thank you for an awesome festival.
Great variety of improv.