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Soundpainting - The first time in Germany
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Mix of cultures and styles
The 2024 Festival will be shaped by our international festival ensemble
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TÖRN 2024
will be built around our guests from Canada, Colombia, Austria and Germany


In addition to the regular public workshops, we put together an international “Soundpainting” ensemble. The ensemble will rehearse together for three days and present a show on Saturday evening that has never been seen before in Germany.

This ensemble will consist of 12 artists from different art forms and backgrounds.

“Soundpainting” is the universal multidisciplinary live compositional sign language for musicians, actors, dancers and visual artists. Currently (2023), the language includes more than 1500 gestures that are gestured by the soundpainter/composer* to indicate the type of material desired by the performers.

The conductor composes in real time and uses the gestures to shape the composition in any way desired. Sometimes the sound painter knows what he/she is getting from the performers, and sometimes he/she knows it not.

The conductor creates a collage from the moment. With all senses.

The focus of this project is to bring together different kinds of art and performance. Through a mixture of international and Hamburg freelance artists and students, we hope for a valuable exchange among each other. Maybe even future interdisciplinary projects.

The project is led by Felipe Ortiz from Bogotá, who has already successfully brought soundpainting projects to numerous performances in South America.