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Sound off & KING’S WHIM (el capricho del rey)

Fri. 22. March 2024
20:00 Uhr

On the second evening of the festival, there are two specials in one show.


The Impro Duo Bemme & Melange from Vienna sets out on a new adventure. In „Sound off!“ they enter a world in which language doesn’t matter. Completly without words, immersed in an atmosphere of sounds and songs, the two actors Ursula Anna Baumgartner and Anne Rab step into the unknown. Inspired by audience suggestions for a setting for this experiment, they ride a rollercoaster of improvised emotion and comotion where only one thing is certain: nothing is certain.

Language: body language



KING’S WHIM (EL CAPRICHO DEL REY) The king wants a play. He doesn’t know what he wants but he wants it now. A playwright and a jester must agree to create a story that pleases the king and they only have 30 minutes to do it. Their lives depend on it. This improvised play highlights the importance of oral tradition and storytelling through two different and conflicting characters: a quiet, cerebral playwright and a deranged, physical buffoon.

Language: english




Mendelssohnstraße 15B, 22761 Hamburg



Friday, March 22nd



8 pm


Link for the tickets will follow soon!