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We are thrilled to invite you to Hamburg’s “TÖRN International Improtheater Festival”, a four-day event filled with improvisational theatre, taking place from March 28th to 31st, 2019. Together with our guests from Hamburg and all around the world, we will be presenting shows, workshops, and masterclasses in three different theatres across Hamburg, showing the variety that improvised theatre has to offer. There will be shows in both German and English, providing a chance for everyone to further explore the incredible art form of improvisational theater.

High-Quality Workshops

An international workshop program will take place throughout the TÖRN Festival, which will provide a valuable opportunity for you to dive deeper into your understanding of improvised theatre.

Innovative Shows

Don’t miss out on the chance to see the exciting impro-formats of international stars and the local Hamburg talent scene come together on the German stages for the first time.


yared_di_baba_by_oliver_reetz-007-neuWe are happy and proud that Yared Dibaba has agreed to be the patron for our TÖRN-festival. This Ethiopian-born actor, entertainer, moderator, author, and musician lives in Hamburg, speaks fluent low-German, and embodies the spirit of our festival with his positive spirit, openness, and willingness to take risks.
About Yared Dibaba


“Once more TÖRN brings in 2019 international impro-theatre-spirit to Hamburg. That’s what I love about the Steife Brise, whom I am connected to privately as well as in a professional capacity: They are cool, funny and they spin around your attitude with their improvisation. Improvisation actually is an attitude. It gives you the chance to be present and bring in humour, which often falls short in daily life. For me improvisation is an important driving force in my work as well as in my daily life.

The festival offers a variety of inspiration to get to know all the variety improvisational theatre has to offer. Fascinating about the reTÖRN 2019 is the addition of TÖRN AROUND. Steife Brise presents their work with corporate theatre here. Business can learn a lot from improvisational theatre. Things don’t always go as planned and improvisation offers the tools to stay on track and move forward.

I’m drawn to improvised theatre because you never know the end of the journey – just like in real life. I have to pay attention to my co-players, take what they give me, and in return give what I can. It’s a high-tempo game that relies on all the senses and fantastic training. That’s why it is so cool, that also students from high schools in Hamburg are part of the festival.

I wholeheartedly hope that through the TÖRN Festival many more people become inspired to let improvisation into their lives. Improvisation plays its part in making our colourful world a bit better.”

The International Festival Ensemble

An ensemble of internationally experienced and well-known improvisers from all over the world will work together throughout the week of the TÖRN Festival. A merging of cultures and the shared experience of learning from one another will be at the forefront of the event. The mixture of experimental improv formats and international ensemble work will be presented throughout the festival on various stages across Hamburg.


Beatrix Brunschko

Graz, Österreich


Rama Nicholas

Melbourne, Australia


Dan O’Connor

Los Angeles, USA


Anders Fors

Stockholm, Sweden


Nele Kiessling

Hannover, Germany


Randy Dixon

Seattle, USA


Wiebke Wimmer

Hamburg, Germany


Nadine Antler

Hamburg, Germany


We will present shows in different theatres around Hamburg, showing an insight to the variety that impovised theatre has to offer. The festival-shows will be presented to the Hamburg audience by our international festival-ensemble as well as by a mix of local and international improvisers. There will be shows in English as well as in German language.

The complete show-program coming soon.

Festival-warm up-Show: Improslam

For Thorsten Brand, our resident Grandmaster of Improv, Germany isn't enough... he wants the world! In a normal slam, he fends off three Hamburg challengers hungry to overthrow him, but tonight he opens the challenge to players from Europe. Well, if he wants it, he's going to get it! An insane and turbocharged Show - and a perfect pre-taste to the TÖRN Festival. Arrogant. Charming. BRAND. This show is performed in German Entrance fee: xx,- Euro


Imperial Theater, Reeperbahn 5, 20359 Hamburg

Tickets: soon

International Festival-opening: More information coming soon

  More information coming soon.   This show is performed in English Entrance fee: xx,xx Euro / xx,xx Euro Playing for you: N.N. Music: N.N.

90mins, Friedensallee 27, 22765 Hamburg

Double Feature: More information coming soon.

    This show is performed in English Entrance fee: xx,xx Euro / xx,xx Euro Performing: N.N. Music: N.N.

90mins, Friedensallee 20, 22765 Hamburg

Tickets: soon

Hamburg Spezial

Hamburg Special: Maestro™

The battle of Hamburg’s improvisers Who's the best of the best? Every impro group in Hamburg have selected their contenders for the arena, and these gladiators will give all they can in every round, every huge scene, and every epic song, in a bid for the title… and for honour! Each round, players scramble to avoid elimination - for only a champion chosen by the audience can call themselves the Maestro™! This show is performed in German. Entrance fee: In the arena: N.N. Directing: N.N. Music: N.N. Hosting: N.N.


Lichthof Theater, Mendelssohnstraße 15, 22761 Hamburg

Hamburg Spezial

Tickets: soon

Double Feature: More information coming soon

  This show is performed in German. Entrance fee: xx,- / xx,- Euro Playing for you: N.N.


Lichthof Theater, Mendelssohnstraße 15, 22761 Hamburg

Tickets: soon

Double Feature: More information coming soon…

  Soon there will be more information...   This show is performed in English Entrance fee: xx,xx Euro / xx,xx Euro Playing for you: Part fo the TÖRN-Festival-Ensemble, players tba. Music: N.N.

90mins, Friedensallee 20, 22765 Hamburg

Tickets: soon

Festival-Party: TÖRN IT UP

Festival-Party: TÖRN IT UP

Participants, fans and friends are all invited to get their groove on! We’ll outlast the night with beats courtesy of DJ Sturmflutpaule, and enjoy a chance to say farewell to the festival. Free Entry

45mins, Friedensallee 20, 22765 Hamburg

Festival-Party: TÖRN IT UP


An international workshop program will happen during the TÖRN-festival. Experienced and well-known collegues from all around the world will share their skills and knowledge with collegues in impulse workshops and in an intensive master class.

Public Workshops

SATURDAY, 30st and SUNDAY, 31st of March 2019

All Workshops: 10.30 a.m. – 1.30 p.m. and 2.30 p.m. – 5.30 p.m. (12 hours in total). Price per workshop: 210 euros.

A monoscene is an improvisation format, where the whole show and all of the story take place in the same location and in real time. It is perfect to develop strong characters and interesting relationships – and keep them, even though they might be changed by the encounters with others.

In this workshop we will exercise how to make strong choices, embracing each other’s ideas, how to fast be in agreement about the circumstances, and how to create an interesting, dramatic and funny story arc.

The workshop is filled with playful and concrete exercises that attack this simple form from many different angles, you will get plenty of efficient tools and techniques that can help you to explore it in your own way, and you are guaranteed a lot of stage time and clear feedback.

For improvisers with at least level 1 experience

Are you ready to dive in too deep? To risk everything? We want to dare to go full risk in this workshop: Escape your own comfort-zone, back into the adventure and just gooooo! We will leave kneepad and helmet behind, put a big smile on and throw ourselves into risky exercises, dissect our own impro-spleens, and explore, where there is still space to grow.

This workshop is a challenging boot-camp with individually suited training just for you, lots of side-coaching in your scenes and tons of feedback. Ready for the ride?


For improvisers with at least level 2 experience

… or what emerges when we do what ants do.

If you give a pile of dirt to a colony of ants, they will turn it into Ant-Metropolis with an impressive skyline within a week. Without development plans and construction site management thousands of insects move dirt-particles and create a complex architecture of houses, connecting tunnels plunged by heating and ventilation systems.

The behaviour, strenghnesses and skills of ants are inspiration for this workshop and will be role-models for us improvisers on stage, when we work together to create theatre from nowhere.

We will concentrate on the essential central and only important impro-skills. We will really listen to our fellow players, look into their eyes and unconditionally follow them. We will honestly react to what emerges in the moment. We will not initiate, not offer anything, not invent, but only work with exists when two or more people meet on stage. We will move like that from moment to moment until we reach the end, when or where that might be. And at this end we will leave the stage and look back to all the stories and scenes that have happend, because we only followed each other – just like the ants do.

For improvisers with at least level 2 experience

It is the moment in your scene when you realize that the scene will end with a romantic kiss, a touch, maybe even the promise of sex? And that’s the moment, where we usually panic, our brain circuits and our character suddenly finds reasons why it isn’t the right person after all… Does that sound familiar?

How do we give our audience the gift of a truly romantic love scene and story? How do we electrify our audience with our performers sexual energy without being too explicit? How do we break their hearts like Shakespeare did in Romeo and Juliet? How can we create that kind of intensity in our performances? Why don’t we ever hear honest conversations around sex in our scenes?

This is a workshop about creating true intimacy on stage. The overall themes of the workshop are – romantic love, sex and intimacy in relationships and how can we apply these concepts to our Improvisation performance without wimping out, freaking out or freaking your partner out!

In the workshop, Rama Nicholas creates a relaxed and safe environment were performers can explore these concepts through unique exercises, through discussion and in scene work. The workshop is designed to help improvisers explore their fears, practice their acting skills, build trust and break down barriers. In the process of the workshop, participants will be asked to share their fears around performing intimate scenes, to separate themselves from their character to be able to fulfill their characters journey.

Rama will never push anyone into anything they are not ready for, for example kissing or touching. Though this is an area we will be venturing into, she teaches how to build sexual tension without touching at all. We explore how to stage kiss, holding and embracing, eye contact, slowing down and reading body language. We explore a series of heart-warming exercises designed to build trust, playfulness and intensify energy and end with a series of scenes based around relationships.
Performing love scenes is a skill like any other that can be learned, it just takes trust, bravery, honesty, a willingness to be vulnerable and a willingness to take risks that perhaps you have never taken before.


For improvisers with at least level 3 experience

“The theater is not a place where one should go to forget, but rather a place where one should go to remember”. (David Mamet in “Writing in Restaurants”

Spontaneous storytelling is a place where mythic thinking and archetypal images are allowed to live. The myths and images of the imagination arise from the emptiness in improvisation, which we will use to connect with story and archetype. The workshop will focus on the creation and use of images to invoke ancient stories as well as the ones emerging today.

What was happening thousands of years ago can influence what happened today. We are living myth. Through the use of image work, ritual, personal storytelling we will try to create a safe space to explore the stories that touch us at our cores. We will “get out of our skins” and learn to about the honesty of play. We will use our dream images to create plays. It will be hard work and a high level of risk will be involved.

Any format of improvisation is the container for mythological imagination. Improvisation allows us to explore the uncharted, unmapped territories of our stories and live explore another day. We can see our myths and tell the tale together. Because that’s what theatre is about: To remember our stories, to remember our origins, to see through a mythical lens that can enhance our lives.


For improvisers with at least level 3 experience

Experience Levels:

Level 1 – You have at least basic knowledge in improvisation. You have taken a coupe of classes and been on stage.

Level 2 – You have done improvisation for at least 3 years and have been performing on stage regularily.

Level 3 – You have done improvisation at least for 6 years and have been performing on stage regularily.

TÖRN Masterclass

The Masterclass takes place from Friday, 29th to Sunday, 31st of March, 2019 at 10.30 a.m. – 1.30 p.m. and 2.30 p.m. – 5.30 p.m. (18 hours in total). Price: 330 euros

The Masterclass will consist of 12 experienced improvisers. It is aimed at improvisers who perform regularily on stage, rehearse on a regular base with a fixed ensemble and who have a professional approach to improvisation.

Workshop-language: English

Dynamic Point of View

with Dan o'Connor (USA)

No matter if we are talking about a short scene or a full-length improvised play: If your character doesn’t know what they want, they are lacking the strongest force to drive them forward. Without clear intentions our characters become robotic/inauthentic/machine-like and the stories we tell are mere products of our brains… which will ultimately lead to less heart, soul and truth in our work.
And yet the question remains: If we only let our character’s intention guide the narration, can it be enough? Isn’t there a danger of sticking to our ideas too slavishly and let the story become flat and foreseeable? Intentions and objectives are fluid and bend and change for the sake of the story and our ultimate goal is to tell a great story.

For three days, Dan o’ Connor will work with the TÖRN-Masterclass on combining your character’s point of view with emotion, so that we will endow each other and create a connection on stage. This can serve as a catalyst for new characters, strong relationships and surprising but truthful stories you haven’t told before.



The theatres where our shows will take place.

Workshop locations

The locations where our workshops will take place.


Steife Brise
Haubachstraße 80, 22765 Hamburg

Friedensalle 20, 22765 Hamburg


Schauspielschule Frese
Große Bergstraße 264, 22767 Hamburg


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